Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory can trace its shape back to the reign of Queen Victoria, when the trend for adding conservatories to homes began.

The Victorian shape, concentrates on the finish and added detail and it high ceiling, offers the feeling of space and light to the conservatory.Period Conservatory Rooms for Your Home

Regardless of the actual foot print of the conservatory, the Victorian shape offers grace, elegance and drama to any home and whether it is used as a dining room or simply somewhere to sit a relax, the Victorian Conservatory is a beautiful addition to your property.

The Victorian Conservatory at Conservatories Bedford offers an amalgamation of classic style and elegance. These conservatories will add a touch class to your house. The graceful work and features of Victorian conservatory will enhance your property and will give it its own individual style.

The Victorian shape, concentrates on the finish and added detail however it’s high ceiling, offers the feeling of space and light to the conservatory. No matter of you are wishing for, an extensive space or just looking for a cozy and elegant area for your dining space, Victorian conservatories will help you broaden your living area in a perfect way

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatory is another famous style that we offer at Conservatories Bedford. These conservatories are very popular because of their modernized style and structure that can be a stunning and convenient addition to any home. These conservatories have rectangular internal shape, which helps in utilising the floor space effectively and straight walls make it easier to fit your furniture.

The Edwardian Conservatory is a classic design that will offer you an extra room that will not only be spacious but it will also serve as an ideal place for everyday use and entertainment.

Regency Conservatories

Regency conservatory at Conservatories Bedford, offers bold and graceful design with an addition of Apex roof. This style is very popular among people because it is one of those few styles that can detain the splendor of the Gable. This conservatory goes very well with old structures and modern houses offering a combined style of comfort and a utility room that will enhance your lifestyle.

Here at Conservatories Bedford, you will get value for your money as we believe to build high quality conservatories with rich craftsmanship. Our services will give you peace of mind by delivering you exactly what you are looking for.

P Shaped Conservatory

As the name itself suggests, P-shaped conservatories have the floor plan of P shape and this is a brilliant way to combine both lean and Victorian style. Building these conservatories can increase the flexibility and usability of your area.

These conservatories cover a lot of space which allows you to use it as separate areas like dining area, living area and so on. Because these conservatories are on a larger scale, people generally use them as join up two rooms for their properties.

Choose your P shaped conservatory at Conservatories Bedford and make it an inseparable part of your home. We offer conservatories solutions at affordable prices so that our customers can get the best within their budget.

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Period Conservatory Rooms for Your Home