Garden Orangery Rooms

Garden rooms have grown in popularity in recent years and they are a great alternative to conservatories and usually much cheaper.

Garden rooms have a number of uses, including the following;

  • A home office
  • Somewhere quiet to relax
  • A music room or art studio

Average Size Orangery CostGarden rooms are separate stand alone constructions that are not attached to your home in any way, unlike traditional conservatories. But How Much Would an Average Size Orangery Cost?

Wood is the material used for garden rooms which helps them blend into their surroundings and normally planning permission is not required.
Advantages of a Garden Room Over a Conservatory

If you need some extra space to make your home life easier and more comfortable then you could consider a garden room rather than having a conservatory.

Some of the main advantages of garden rooms are;

  • Cost – can be much cheaper than conservatories
  • No disruption to your home when it’s being built
  • Time – construction of a garden room is much quicker

Whatever your reason for choosing a garden room over a conservatory, it’s important to find a local company you can trust to design and install it for you.

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Consumer tip: Unlike a conservatory, a garden room is unlikely to add any value to the sale price of your home which is something to consider before making a final decision. More Information here:

How Much Would an Average Size Orangery Cost?