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Which loft conversion would suit your property?

If you have been debating whether it was time to move on from your beloved property and get another,

then maybe you should hold fire and consider the modern alternative of a loft conversion instead?

As housing prices increase on the market, it’s becoming more difficult to move into a new home.

If you are a family with small children, moving can also be a stressful time, and if you are a settled family you may not want to move all the memories you have created in your current house.

There are a lot of alternatives and whilst moving house can never really be a bad thing – you can make use of the unknown space you have acquired in your lift for the meantime.

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There are many benefits for having a loft conversion, for example: it adds more room to your home, it can blend in with your regular furnishings and structure of the house, it is another personal space, you can use it in whatever way you want, and the big favourable reason – it adds value to your property.

The price of your property can be increased by up to 20% if you get a loft conversion.  If you choose the right materials, the right builders and furnish it well it could really go in your favour – so if you do eventually decide to move, you could make more profit from the sale your property than you would have without the loft conversion.

There are 3 main types of loft conversions which are: Dormer, Roof-light/Velux and Mansard, and they each have their own unique qualities:

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